GOH-CPH: beginning a journey

7 Oct


I’ve left Greenland, my family and friends to travel. I’ve packed clothes, a phone and a camera.

The world contains people I’m connected to spiritually and emotionally. Although many of these friendships were forged long ago, in my mind and memory they have endured.

I’m leaving behind a cushy daily routine in my beloved hometown Nuuk, to revisit friends, meet new ones, learn about their lives, and hopefully learn about myself.

This journey is perhaps most importantly a journey into myself. My one way ticket equals uncertainty. An uncertainty that forces me to trust myself, trust God, seek reflections of myself in others. I want to know the world, know myself through the heat generated by friction of interpersonal contact.

I’m determined to grip life by the arm and never let go. I have capacity, like any other person to foster unity, peace, love and brotherhood around me, and refuse to let life escape in useless pursuits of entertainment and pleasure.

How will my deepest inner secretive desires manifest themselves to the world? Can I overcome ego and self-interest?

Am I doing things right? Who am I?

I am an uncertain person on a journey towards certainty.

And I hope your path crosses mine along the way.

This exercise will relieve singing tension

25 Oct

Ever feel like your throat is completely spent after a performance, or even practice? What about your neck? I get that often. Apart from my neck, after singing for a while I notice that my face has practically scrunched itself into a tight ball of folded skin. When I realize what I am doing, I have a great sense of release and I promise myself not to do that again. Somehow though, these bad habits creep back the very next moment I make a sound.

I came across a great exercise recently that helped me and could help you. Lie down. Flat back, knees bent, feet flat. Do all your vocalising and singing in that position. It’ll show you very quickly where you are tensing and because of this relaxed neutral position your body can quickly adjust. Start at a low volume, This helps you to relax further and rely on your vocal fold strength and natural breathing, bypassing any unnecessary “supporting” muscles.

Even after just a few times, I’ve become aware of neck tension which I am quickly working out of my singing.

Try it out! Let me know how it works.

Props to Mark Baxter at VoiceLesson.com for sharing this tip with the world.

Poor economy means more music

3 May

After noticing the vibrant music scene in Reykjavik an Icelandic friend told me that it was not always so.

‘We didnt have all this music before the crash’ she said while we passed the talented streetmusicians playing along the main street in downtown Reykjavik.

Even today I found a trio of jazz musicians playing their heart out in the entre of the low cost Icelandic supermarket chain Bonus.

I’ve heard before that economic squeezes cause the arts to flourish.
Perhaps we’ll see street music before long in Greenland.

Robin S Bass Returns

3 May

1990 saw an amazing song called Show Me Love sung by Robin S written by Allen George and Fred McFarlane and produced by Stonebridge.

The bass is VERY recognizable. It was apparently a huge international house anthem (I wouldn’t have known since I grew up in Greenland). Anyways, the sound is back, and it’s long needed. I’ve often wondered when the clear but clear tone of the Show Me Love bassline would return.

Here’s the original (bassline starts at 0:14):

And here’s a couple other tracks with the same bassline or same sound:


This track is by a Danish producer, and I could only find it on Spotify.

Vittrup – Without You [Kato Edit]


I did have another track using the same bass sound, unfortunately I’ve lost the link.


found it: 2AM by Adrian Marcel


Mike stud’s version of Show Me: